D.Munger Chocolatier

"Chocolate must be a pleasure." D.Munger.
Nearly every piece of equipment and almost all raw materials for his outstanding quality products are brought by Dave Manger from abroad. The conditions of the free customs zone with zero duty and zero VAT on imported equipment and raw materials in the Kaliningrad Region have become a determining factor in choosing the location for expanding the production of chocolate. Besides, the local Business Support Center played an important role, providing assistance in promotion and export of goods, as well as offering minimum interest rate on loans for purchasing imported equipment.
Making a high-quality product is a challenge we're following these days.
JULY 2014
organizing the production
Launch of production in Moscow region
Signing the contracts with distributors in Japan, Kazakhstan, China and France
JUNE 2018
Starting a new factory in Kaliningrad
0% duty 0% import VAT
The company's goal is to remain an independent brand, without losing the quality and "soul" of the product. The specific character of the chocolate business is that the company, reaching a certain market share, can be purchased by one of the headliners of the industry (Mars, Nestle, Mondelez, etc.). Another common path is to enter the mass market. None of these ways are acceptable for Dave Munger. What matters to him is quality, not quantity. Many countries are familiar with the company's products and, perhaps, one day the whole world will enjoy the unique taste of D. Munger chocolate. The company plans to build another factory in the Kaliningrad`s Khravrovo industrial park, which has the number of advantages for placing the production: close proximity to the airport and to the export markets, availability of the European railway track in the region, as well as the route Kaliningrad – Chongqing railway route, which takes only 9 days to deliver cargo from Kaliningrad to China. Dave Munger works with people who share the company`s values and follow the principles of high quality production. The future plans include serving more than 400 gastronomic boutiques in Russia and worldwide together with companies that produce the best products in their niches. Such synergy will allow customers to experience gastronomic pleasure in full.